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MerleFest – Sunday (Blog Post)

The presser on Sunday was crowded and a little hectic so it didn’t naturally lend itself to too much of a theme so to speak.

I did have the opportunity to ask all of the artists at the press conference about their passions outside of music.

Here’s what I found out…

The passions of various members of The Steep Canyon Rangers was wide ranging. 

The responses were…

  • Family
  • Food
  • Festivals
  • Being Outdoors
  • Travel
  • Music Education
  • Fly Fishing
  • Fiddle
  • Trees

And Graham’s passion was his hot tub.

Alison Brown’s passions are the banjo and the roots music community.

Sam Bush’s passion is baseball (Go Cards). 


Steve Martin’s passion is the banjo.

It was really interesting for me to see what musicians are passionate and I was glad that I Had to Ask about musician’s passions. 

MerleFest – Saturday (Blog Post)

A big part of MerleFest is the history it has and the legacy it continues to carry. This was a hot topic at yesterday’s press conference.

According to Jerry Douglas MerleFest is different because not only is it the first music festival of the season, it has the most performers so it is like a big family gathering.

John Cowan feels MerleFest is different because it feels good due to the fact that MerleFest embraces different types of music (as Doc wanted).

Jim Lauderdale feels that MerleFest is different because it sticks with the traditions of having musicians like Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas back, but, they also capture the younger generation of performers and invite them in.

MerleFest also proves to be important to the health of bluegrass and traditional plus music.

John Cowan explained that MerleFest allows for great memories of living legends.

Tommy Emmanuel explained that MerleFest is important because it continues a legacy AND hooks the younger generation.

No matter who you talk with you will find that it is incontrovertible that MerleFest as a festival is important to the health of music.

Thanks for reading about what I Had to Ask.