Episode 60: Interview with Jorma Kaukonen

It is always especially nice to discover musicians like Jorma Kaukonen are as down to earth and as friendly as the next guy. I talked with Jorma about everything from Jefferson Airplane, to MerleFest 2017, to his Vietnamese Pho restaurant and music camp Fur (or Pho) Peace Ranch. We even cleared up a music festival […]

Episode 57: Interview with Richard Thompson

I talked with guitarist Richard Thompson about everything from “Vincent Black Lightning 1952” to being one of the best guitarists to playing 1,000 years of music in a show. Listen on to see why I Had to Ask!

Episode 44: Interview with James Nash

I talk with Mr. James Nash about being in the Waybacks, the Hillside Album Hour and playing with Bob Weir. Listen on to see why I Had to Ask!