Episode 10: Interview with Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry has created her own method of teaching bluegrass music by ear for a few different instruments! She talked to me about her studies of women in bluegrass. Murphy is also the author of the book “Pretty Good For a Girl”. Listen on to see why I Had To Ask.

Episode 9: Interview with LeRoy Mack

I was able to talk to the dobro player from the Kentucky Colonels at the IBMA World of Bluegrass 2014. LeRoy Mack has been able to play on the Andy Griffith Show, with the Grateful Dead, and on the Jerry Louis Show.

Episode 8: Interview with Sam Bush

Doc Watson? Richie Havens? George Jones? These are somethings I Had To Ask Sam Bush at MerleFest 2013.

Episode 7: Interview with Warren Haynes

Guitars? Doc Watson? Musical Greats? These are somethings I Had To Ask Warren Haynes at MerleFest 2013.

Episode 6: Interview with Dylan Flaks

I talk with a Spanish and Economics major, Dylan Flaks who during the summer participated in a “think tank” in Madrid. Dylan also speaks 4 languages. Listen to this podcast to hear some tips on learning a new language and a little bit about his trip.   Adios!

Episode 5: Press Conference with Leon Russell

This was the first press conference I ever did,in it I represented my school radio show (Kool Kidz and a Radio Show) and I Had To Ask. I was able to talk to Leon Russell a man who has played all sorts of music (predominantly rock-and-roll) with some of the musical greats such as Ringo […]

Episode 4: Interview with Brandon from Driven

At the 2014 IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) World Of Bluegrass I met a cool band called Driven. In February one of Driven’s song hit #13 on Bluegrass Today’s top 20 Chart. The band consists of a set of twins, Brandon and Blake McLemore, Jimmy Campbell, and the married couple Rebekah and Jake Workman. This […]

Episode 3: Interview With (Dr.Steve) Dr.Stephen J. Thompson

I spent my summer at camp and got to know a man I call Dr. Steve, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the guy treating my ear infection was actually a leading pediatric neurologist. I knew had some questions I had to ask.

Episode 2: Interview With Ketch Secor From Old Crow Medicine Show

You’ve heard Wagon Wheel so here is an interview with Ketch Secor from Old Crow Medicine Show he talked to me about the night his band was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Ketch also talked to me about how much he loved A.M radio, why, and how important radio is to him!

Upcoming Interview with Shimon Smith

Did you like the movie Frozen? People across the world do… we will hear from Shimon Smith who was in the Hebrew dubbing of Frozen. Shimon is a talented musician who lives in Israel, has a band who has released an album, writes Jewish American songs, and is the song-leader at Camp Airy and Capital […]