Episode 12: Interview with Andy Offutt Irwin

Once upon a time there was an amazing storyteller named Andy Offutt Irwin, one day I interviewed him about his awards, favorite and least favorite jobs, and awards he is proud of listen on to see why I Had To Ask.

Episode 11: Interview with Dr. Rudy Mancke

“From tiny acorns, big oaks grow.” Dr. Rudy Mancke has been given many awards from many associations yet being outdoors in nature is what he finds most rewarding. This former USC professor and co-host of South Carolina ETV’s NatureScene talked to me about where he got his roots and how young students can become as […]

Episode 1: Interview with John Paul Sellars

I talked to Mr.Sellars about why he started the radio show “Kool Kidz Radio” at Red Bank Elementary School and who his inspirations are.