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Changes to I Had to Ask

I Had to Ask has had a minor switch in platforms! With the constant change in how our world connects daily online, we have made a few slight changes to how you are able to access the podcasts.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can still find all non-archived interviews here (!
  • You can still email with requests to listen to archived interviews.
  • You can still listen to our podcasts on iTunes. The change here is, only the newest interviews will be available, all others may be archived by iTunes.
  • The same is true with the Pod-o-Matic account.
  • ALL podcasts (with the exception of the complete Adam Hamilton interview) are available on YouTube!!!
    • Our YouTube can be found at…
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Please continue to enjoy listening to I Had to Ask, and thank you for understanding!


I Had to Ask can now be found on YouTube!!!!

Please forgive the fact that all interviews are not available yet, we are working on switching them all over to yet another platform!

You can access our earliest interviews at…


SC DNR Series #1 Interview with Turtle Technician

I have been asked by South Carolina Wildlife magazine to do a series of podcasts for their digital magazine I will be spotlighting South Carolina Department of Natural Resources staff and the kind of work that they do.

My first interview was with Tyler Harrell, she is a turtle technician who works for the SCDNR. She was happy to share what her job is like, and all about sea turtles.

Listen on to see why I Had to Ask!


I also wrote an article called “Turtle Talk” a while back for SC Wild (the youth publication for the SC DNR) it can be found here: 

Episode 10: Interview with Dr. Rudy Mancke

“From tiny acorns, big oaks grow.” Dr. Rudy Mancke has been given many awards from many associations yet being outdoors in nature is what he finds most rewarding. This former USC professor and co-host of South Carolina ETV’s NatureScene talked to me about where he got his roots and how young students can become as knowledgeable as him. Listen in to see why I Had to Ask.

Episode 2: Interview With (Dr.Steve) Dr.Stephen J. Thompson

I spent my summer at camp and got to know a man I call Dr. Steve, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the guy treating my ear infection was actually a leading pediatric neurologist. I knew had some questions I had to ask.

Upcoming Podcast with Bob Matthews

Would YOU let a tiger suck on your finger? Bob Matthews mothered a tiger cub, and even has a callous on his finger to prove it! Listen to hear how this Instructor at Yavapai College in Prescott Arizona teaches students about the wilderness. If you love nature, want to hear about tracking animals, or want to know about raising a tiger cub listen to this podcast!

Sneak Peek:

Q:What is it like to track bears?

A: It is quite difficult, the bears have a soft foot pad so they are hard to track.

Upcoming Podcast with Dr. David J. Framm

I talk with Dr.David Framm a cardiologist in Charlotte,North Carolina. Dr.Framm talked to me about being a doctor,why he does it, advice he has given and received, and who and what inspires him. Dr. Framm has won many awards,honors, and recognition.

Want to be a doctor? Listen to this podcast!

Sneak Peek:

Q: Where did you go to medical school?

A: I went to George Washington University,