Episode 39: Interview with Frank Baker

In this interview I talk to Frank Baker about photographing and journalism on blue herrings. Thanks for listening to I Had to Ask!

Episode 36: Interview with Dawn Cusick

I talk with college biology teacher, and author Dawn Cusick. Cusick has written many fun children’s books with titles like “Bug Butts”, “Get the Scoop on Animal Puke” and “Get the Scoop on Animal Poop.” Listen on to see why I Had to Ask!

Episode 27: Interview with Kate Salley Palmer

I talk with the author Kate Salley Palmer at the South Carolina Book Festival about her work from political cartoons, to non fiction, to fiction. Listen on to see why I Had to Ask!

Episode 22: Interview with Meg Cabot

Have you seen the Disney movie “The Princess Diaries”? I talk with Meg Cabot about her experience making her books into movies. We also talk about her habits and her talents!