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I am Lillian Freeman and I am the voice behind the interviews you hear on “I Had to Ask.” I started this podcast in 6th grade after getting my start at Red Bank Elementary’s Kool Kidz and a Radio Show. I now go to MerleFest, International Bluegrass Music Association Events, and the South Carolina Book Festival.

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Recently I have had some questions on how I started I Had to Ask, so I figured I would tell you in case you are ever wondering, here it is…

I was introduced to bluegrass music as a child as well as the Grateful Dead, I do not remember clearly listening to the music at a certain age, but, in first grade, my parents told me I would be going to MerleFest, and so the journey began.

In fourth grade, I moved to Red Bank Elementary School in Lexington, SC. At Red Bank Elementary I was informed that a teacher, Mr. John Paul Sellars, ran a student-led radio show called Kool Kidz and a Radio show. 

So, that April I reported for Kool Kidz and a Radio Show at MerleFest, and the rest was history.

When I started middle school I officially started my own podcast, and that’s what you see now.

Thanks for reading about I Had to Ask!


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  1. Good job! Enjoyed talking with you the other day and glad you included this background on your site.

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