Mutual Admiration

Today is the first day of MerleFest 2019 and I am excited to be here for the 11th year, 8th year covering it. I would like to just write for a minute about mutual admiration. There are somethings that just can’t be recorded. Little things that are missed such as Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and Bela Fleck messing with each other at a press conference. And other things that aren’t recorded simply because the button to start the recording hadn’t been hit yet. 

Today I attended the press conference with Chatham County Line, Dailey and Vincent, and Junior Brown. It was interesting to see the two Chatham County Line members overtaken by the relative stardom of the others at the table. It was also cool to see Junior Brown and Dailey and Vincent excited to see each other perform. Just wanted to share what you learn and observe when you have to ask!