Familiarity, A MerleFest Haiku

Today I saw various acts at MerleFest including Scythian and Steve Poltz (who, I had never heard of before and was pleasantly surprised by). I did dodge the rain and catch both the end of Andy May’s Appalachian Traditions set and the beginning of the set in which many artists including David Hot, T. Michael Coleman, and Jack Lawerence told stories about Doc Watson. It struck me how familiar the artists were with both each other and other long time festival-goers. I decided to sum up the simple, familiar feeling of Merlefest with a haiku.

Hey out there and you

Let’s make a memory or

Reflect on the past

If you have never been to MerleFest you should check it out! The fun, the music, the familiarity, are all worth your time.

Stay tuned to hear more about what I Had to Ask, and what I have experienced at MerleFest 2019.