Changes to I Had to Ask

I Had to Ask has had a minor switch in platforms! With the constant change in how our world connects daily online, we have made a few slight changes to how you are able to access the podcasts.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can still find all non-archived interviews here (!
  • You can still email with requests to listen to archived interviews.
  • You can still listen to our podcasts on iTunes. The change here is, only the newest interviews will be available, all others may be archived by iTunes.
  • The same is true with the Pod-o-Matic account.
  • ALL podcasts (with the exception of the complete Adam Hamilton interview) are available on YouTube!!!
    • Our YouTube can be found at…
      • Please be sure to subscribe and give the podcasts a  “thumbs up.”

Please continue to enjoy listening to I Had to Ask, and thank you for understanding!