Thursday Media Wrap Up

At MerleFest 2017, I have been able to sit in at the press conference for the Avett Brothers and Mandolin Orange. Here are the 4 important things to note from it…

  • MerleFest has been very influential to these bands as they see MerleFest as many of us do, home. Even for people like Bob Crawford,of the Avett Brothers, a New Jersey native said that coming to MerleFest for the first time was a “revelatory” moment.
  • Andrew Marlin of Mandolin Orange says that when he writes his songs, many of which who speak to the audience, he writes what inspires him and hopes to inspire others. His counterpart, Emily Frantz, sees his songs as very personal insights he has not detailed story songs.
  • It was a unanimous decision that Doc Watson’s precedence can be undoubtably¬†felt in the festival. We all discussed the importance of carrying on the of playing the traditional music as that has been passed through us. The Avett Brothers stressed the importance of continuing to play traditional music.
  • Finally…Mandolin Orange says their advice for young musicians is to play music with everyone all the time, even if it is uncomfortable to stretch your ability to play music. And, the Avett Brothers simply noted that if you are willing to put in the long nights, early mornings, and to play every night, being a musician is there for everyone.

These are the things you learn when you have to ask!

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