Episode 54: Interview with Richard Thompson

I talked with guitarist Richard Thompson about everything from “Vincent Black Lightning 1952”, to being one of the best guitarists, to playing 1,000 years of music in a show. Listen on to see why I Had to Ask!

6 thoughts on “Episode 54: Interview with Richard Thompson

  1. great interview RT …. Love the way you defied the school teachers but a bit Neitchze !! “What does not defeat me….make me stronger!!” and the emotional bit ……you must put in your heart and soul SO when you next doing Fairport?? or the UK ??

  2. Lillian, that was the best interview w/Richard Thompson I’ve heard. Good questions !!!! …and plenty of room given to draw Richard out into other areas besides the typical gear/tech/promo topics. nicely done.

  3. Who would have thought that someone who is not a professional music writer like Lillian would ask some of the best questions to RT and get some great answers from him! Thanks, Lillian!

  4. Nice to see young people appreciate the music of such a legendary troubadour. Richard Thompson is one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriter/guitarists. I disagree with him, however, on British singers and the blues. Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker are just two examples of great British singers who have lived and sing the blues. What do you think, Lillian?

  5. hey Richard, all us ridge runners down here in east tn. and sw. Virginia are looking forward to seeing you play. Bristol, tn. is the birth place of country music. way back around 1925 the carter family, jimmy Rodgers made some of the first folk music recordings here . .take care.

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