2 thoughts on “Episode 39: Interview with Sam Bush

  1. Ever since getting a hold of that first Starday LP decades ago, Sam has been and remained one of my favorite musicians, too.

    Thanks for posting this interview.

  2. Sam what a refreshing interview-this young lady was very astute asked wonderful fresh questions made you stop and think;and your answer about playing for fame and notoriety was awesome!I’ve commented a number of times when I see you on FB about Strawberry Festival’86, we played horseshoes together and you’d shaved your beard off, and though we’d met at Parties @ Felton’s here in Santa Cruz,Ca., and tossed shoes, I didn’t recognize you! And we walked back to our Campsites which were right next to each other and heard music coming from a Cabin_and we ended up playing Spider John-Willis’ tune and played all night-right after I had 1/3 of my jaw chiseled out due to Bone infection and my singing days were done;I still try-but, point is your are so real ,and wonderful people you let me in on your session with Pat Flynn ,Marley’s Ghost; and loads of others; it was my Swan song-but you honored me, and I’ll always appreciate that music was at your core for why you played-fame came cuz you’re fantastic- but you’re also a genuine fantastic guy;Thanks! Jim Land!

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